real time network simulation & analysis for vehicle multiplex networks  
Welcome to Netway - World Class Custom Tools for Automotive industry!

Thank you for visiting home of powerful Netway technology for multiplex automotive networks, featuring special programming Netway scripting language for autonomous operations in real-time multiplex network simulations.

Netway tools considered to be a leading solution for in-vehicle gateway applications and also widely used as: missing nodes, rest of vehicle, end-of-line testing, data logging, custom network control interface, telematic devices, etc.

Netway Tools

Common standards compliance:
ISO-15765, J2534, J1939, J1979, J1587, etc.
PC interfaces: Serial, USB, PCI/PXI, GPRS.
Real-time resolution better than 1 ms.
Simultaneously handles following multi-channel networks:
CAN, FLEXRAY, J1850, LIN, KWP2000, ISO-9141-I/-II, J1708, SPI, IIC.

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Netway API

Windows API is designed for monitoring and control of multiplex networks. API allows to configure Netway devices using Netway emulation language.
In addition API enables users to retrieve logged data, replay log files, network traffic post-analysis, display network parameters graphically, update devices firmware, etc...

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Netway Customers

With our leading edge Netway technology and thorough technical support, our company succeeded in expanding customer base to a worldwide spectrum of engineers from automotive OEM and their suppliers:
General Motors, Ford, Chrysler, BMW, Honda, Mercedes, Nissan, Delphi, Visteon, Bosch, Magna, Autoliv, Valeo, Continental, Infineon, Microsoft, Motorola, Sumitomo, Yazaki and many more...