real time network simulation & analysis for vehicle multiplex networks  
Netway API Overview

Windows API is designed for monitoring and control of multiplex networks. API allows to configure Netway devices using Netway emulation language.
In addition API enables users to retrieve logged data, replay log files, network traffic post-analysis, display network parameters graphically, update devices firmware, etc.

The Netway programming language is designed for convenient programming of the network messages processing. The Netway real-time emulation capabilities are based on the programmability of the tool for stand-alone operating mode. Network messages are logged based on user-defined log operating mode, filters, network configuration file (fast filters), and external events. This dynamic message filtering allows capturing user-defined events and data. The network messages, timers and analog/digital/PWM signals serve as input to the user-defined program engine which in response, able to generate multiple protocol network messages and signal outputs with controlled values.

Netway tools considered to be a leading solution for gateway applications and widely used as: missing nodes, rest of vehicle, end-of-line testing, data logging, custom network control interface, telematic devices, etc.

Netway Application Screenshot

Main functionality
  • Gateway function between different networks.
  • Real-time network analysis.
  • On-board data recorder and playback functions.
  • Custom-controlled bus interface.
  • Stand-alone module for simulation of the "missing node" or "rest of vehicle".
  • End-of-Line testing for manufacturing of multiplex modules.